My Daddy Came Inside Me

21.04.2013  · My hand dropped between her thighs but she grabbed it and stepped away from me. “No, daddy! You said you would teach me how to make you cum.” I laughed. “You’re so pushy! Who’s the daddy here?” She acted all coy. “You are.

you’re my daddy. You’re so big and strong and you make me feel so good when you touch me. I want to make you feel good to.” “Alright, princess, I’ll.

21.02.2015  · Ladies, Do you remember at what age were you the first time you let a guy cum inside you? What did you think about it? And did you plan and prepare for him to do it? I’ll go first: Well I was 20 and was in college where it happened in my dorm room,which I had a one bedroom dorm at the time.I thought that it was awesome and hot. I even had another orgasm while he was going inside me.I did.

14.03.2014  · My dad got drunk the other night & slept in my bed with me.

he started coming on to me & I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.

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He came into my room a lot. 3 times a week or more maybe. It makes me sick to think about it, my brother using his little sister for sex. He made me try all these weird positions he learned from porn, he liked finishing inside me. He went away for college and came back for spring break when I was 12 I guess. I locked my door but he got in.

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He Finished in Me With My Tampon Still Inside

i love my daddy

One morning when she was 10, she came in before sunrise and crawled on top of me as usual, I felt her tiny hand wrap around my cock and she began to slowly hump her bald pussy against me. I was only semi conscious and felt like it was a dream. I reached down and grabbed her little butt, one hand on each cheek and began to rub her ass while I pushed my hard on against her. I heard her panting.

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My mom was at work the night my dad raped me, well I shouldn’t say my dad as he’s my step-dad. My sister and brothers were sleeping, I was sleeping too. My step-dad was the only one that was awake, he came into my room, he asked me if I wanted him to read me a bed time story I said “no daddy I want to sleep please”. He never left, he then asked me if I wanted to play husband and wife, I said yes.

my dad

12.07.2012  · The time had come for my punishment. Daddy was at work, but had clearly laid out his instructions for me before he left that morning. At 10am I was to dress in one of my summer dresses and I was to wear no underwear at all. Normally Daddy chooses my underwear every day. He takes great care to ensure that my matching underwear suits his mood. If he is in dark mood, he will often dress me in.

I just stared at the ceiling, remembering his breath on me. While I do not think he fully inserted himself inside of me, I do believe it was enough that it hurt me badly. I did not understand this pain or why he was doing this to me. Why the man that is supposed to protect me was hurting me. Finally, my father left the room to start my bath. There was a window behind the bed and as I gazed.

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It was my husband. With his dick still inside me, he picked up the call and talked to my husband. From what I could figure out of their conversation, his wife was down with fever and was asking his husband to come back. My husband asked his friend to return back to his house while he will come back to his own. Husband’s friend who was still.

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As she picked up speed, the warm, thick shaft of her toy sunk deeper into me, reaching for my deepest depths. It wasn’t until I started to feel the thing twitch and pulse inside me that my eyes went wide. My head turned sharply, peering down her body, only to see a fleshy cock sprouting from between her legs, disappearing into my slit. She.

I am a 49 M, father of 5. When my youngest, a girl, was 8, she used to crawl in bed with me when I was asleep and play with my penis. I woke up and caught her a couple of times, but I didn’t want to make a big deal of it, so I just would roll over and act like I was asleep. She would lay on my back and finger herself to.

i miss my daddy

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He knew I was not protected from pregnancy, yet there came a moment when it dawned on me that he intended on finishing inside me. He didn’t say anything or warn me, I just sensed it. My mind went numb then I felt this incredible rush surge through me as I decided to let him. I was on my back in the regular missionary position. I opened my legs as wide as I could for him. He eventually slowed.

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After he ejaculated inside me he just left me there crying in my bed. Alone and scared until the next morning when my mom found me. Wrapped in my favorite blanket with dried blood and seamen on it curled up in the corner. She took away all evidence, cleaned me up and told me to never speake of it again. I was actually so traumatized that I didnt even remeber until being raped at 12 by my.

i got it from my daddy